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Riverbend Sport & Social - Get to know us!


About: We want to provide a wide variety of adult sport drop-ins and leagues to suit all interest while keeping cost affordable and to promote competition, connection, collaboration and compassion within the community.  We will be offering dodgeball, grass volleyball, yard games, flag football, bocce ball, bags leagues, and more.  Never be too shy to email us with new ideas for events that you would be interested in participating in!!  

Competition, Connection, Collaboration & Compassion: To promote active lifestyles and social interaction for young adults in the greater Des Moines metro area by establishing and conducting recreational sports activities and fun social events along with networking opportunities and service projects.  Riverbend Sport and Social Club will work with patrons to conduct coordinated fun social events and helpful networking opportunities to draw a sense of connection to one another.  We will contribute to local organizations by creating or participating in fundraising and other service projects with participation from patrons, sponsors and community groups to build goodwill and friendship. 

Meet New People:  Social is the name of our game!! Riverbend Sport & Social Club's main goal is to get you connected. Meet new friends, network about job opportunities, join a fun and exciting sports atmosphere, and more.  As our sport leagues, social events, and service projects grow so does your social circle! Be the start of something great!

Sport Formats: Every patron that signs up is guaranteed a great league or drop-in experience.  One, our leagues allow you an opportunity to play a season with lots of competitions while getting plenty of playing time during that season.  Plus, champ prizes are awarded to the league winners!  And two, our drop-ins for those who are busy and can't commit to a league, you can join us whatever night works for you.  Stay tuned to the website, our Facebook page at Riverbend Sport & Social Club, and our MeetUp pages at Riverbend Sport & Social Club, , and Des Moines Sports & Social Club for up to date list of events. 

After Party:  Each night there will be a post game trip to a bar to cool off! More than a place that serves adult beverages the bar sponsor acts as the social hub for your time with RBSSC. We gather there before, after, or even during session to catch up and hang out. Regardless of whether you like to drink or not, attending the sponsor bar will greatly improve your RBSSC experience!

Team T-Shirts: Unfortunately, due to our format we do not provide t-shirts to every participant.  However, shirts will be given out at certain times during RBSSC drop-ins, events, and service projects.  Just think, you drop-in to play basketball on a Tuesday and you walk a way with a shirt.  Woohoo!  Please note, as we grow, our ability to provide league team t-shirts does as well. So before you know it, everyone will get a team shirt! 

Pay to Play: You must pay to play. We require payment when you signup online or at the door.  This is a hard and fast rule that keeps us focused on providing a great experience. We have to keep it this way to be the best experience for all involved.

RBSSC Is Giving Back: We are ready to help!  Riverbend Sport & Social Club loves to support causes in the Des Moines community.  We want to help others to succeed as much as we do.  Be on the look out for charity tournaments, item drives, and other fun things!  Don't miss it, it will feel so so good!! 

Feedback: If you like what you see, let us know!! If there are things you see could be improved, tell us!  Some people may want to step up and be a leader in the RBSSC community, if that's you, please speak up! Send us an email and you can help lead one of our events each year or a brand new event that you think up!  RBSSC wants to provide only the best experience for our patrons.

Spread the Word: The best way you can say thanks to RBSSC (if you have fun and like what we are doing) is to refer us to your friends and send an email to let us know. The bigger our circle gets, the better it is for you! And Des Moines! 

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