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Terms of Service

Yes, we want everything to be hunky dory but sometimes things happen.  Find out all you need to know here!  

The following is an outline of Riverbend Sport & Social Club policy for all leagues, tournaments, events, as well as payment terms for services.  Approval of these terms of service shall represent agreement by the customer of understanding and for full compliance.  

1. Acceptance of Terms of Service: Riverbend Sport & Social Club reserves the right to update and change, from time to time, these terms and all documents incorporated by reference. 

2. League Viability & RBSSC Right to Modify: Riverbend Sport & Social Club leagues are viable with a minimum of four teams per league.  Once a league becomes viable with four teams and has begun operation through week one, there are no refunds.  If a league does not become viable with a minimum of four teams, or any unforeseen circumstance which requires a particular league to be canceled in advance of the first week, full refunds will be given if team does not want, or cannot be placed in another RBSSC league or tournament. 

League times and locations are as listed.  however, RBSSC reserves the right to change specific league locations and operating times as necessary due to any required schedule changes either on a weekly or seasonal basis.  If there is a change in specific league locations exceeding ten miles for a majority (at least five weeks) of an entire season, customers will be given refund/credit options.  Otherwise, there shall be no refunds or credits provided. 

Outside of weather/fuild closure delays, should any league start be postpone by more than two weeks following the initial advertised start date, customers may elect to receive refund or credit options.  

Riverbend Sport & Social Club reserves the right to shorten any league due to multiple weather cancellations (four or more weeks) or unseen circumstances without any refund or credits provided.  

3. League Registration Terms:  Riverbend Sport & Social Club requires independent registrants to provide a second league choice as backup to original league registered to participate.  Independent registrants placed in one of their two choices are not eligible for a refund or credit of any kind.  If registrant cannot be placed in either league, a refund or a full league credit will be provided.  

A. Teams: Teams may be formed by individuals who register to be part of a specific small group.  In such cases, individuals must include teammates names plus team name at registration to guarantee same team placement.  Such teams must register the minimum number of players to field a full squad to avoid single registrants to be added to team to fill maximum team numbers. 

B. Roster Sizes: See Roster Sizes Here.  RBSSC will not place more than the listed number of players on any individual roster without the consent of the members of that team in advance.  

C. Want to Play with Friends:  Individuals registering to play with one or more friends must include name of at least one of those friends for same time placement.  

D.  Injury: A registrant who will not be able to participate in their season due to injury must surprise Riverbend Sport & Social Club in writing with the first week of game play for the league.  No refunds will be provided but a full league credit will be given once doctors note is received.   Once week two games begin, there is no league credit given due to injury. 

4. Payment Terms: All leagues, tournaments, and events must be paid in full as listed on website for each league, tournament and event.  Payment must be made online within three hours of registering for league, tournament, or event on RBSSC website.  Cash or check payment will be accepted by mail and must be received at least 48 hours before the starting date of the league.  An online registration form must accompany payment. 

Preseason cancellation is permitted up to 72 hours in advance of the advertised start date of the league.  A 10% fee shall be processed for any applicable pre-season cancellation.  Pre-season cancellations must be done via USPS, phone call, or email.  

Refunds are processed no earlier than 24 hours after the start date and time of event registered for.  Refunds take 2-3 business days to process. 

5. Minimum Age for Participation: Riverbend Sport & Social Club has a minimum age of 21 for participation in all RBSSC leagues, tournaments, and events.  

6. Waiver of Liability:  All participants must sign a waiver of liability at or before participating in the first event or league.  Failure or refusal to do so will void participation and no refunds provided.  

Customers agree to hold harmless RBSSC and it's employers, directors, suppliers, agents, and all other parties against all claims, liabilities, damages, cost and expenses including but not limited to reasonable attorneys fees arising out of or related to any and all use of RBSSC account.  

7. Reservation of Rights: Riverbend Sport & Social Club reserves the right modify, suspend, or terminate any terms of service or payment terms. 

8.  Customer Demeanor: RBSSC requires that all customers conduct themselves with good sportsmanship, dress appropriately, and utilize proper behavior and language during all Riverbend Sport & Social Club leagues, tournaments, and events.  Failure to do so will result in a short term suspension and possible full expulsion without a refund.  Proper demeanor includes written and verbal interaction with all RBSSC staff, participants, and third parties. 

9. Forfeiture of League, Tournament, & Event Participation: Failure by an individual player or team to abide by RBSSC policy including but not limited to fighting, abusive language, violation of facility rules, that or defacement of RBSSC property, threats to disrupt operations, 3 or more match forfeitures, disregard of RBSSC rules and refusal to sign liability waiver seal result in the expulsion and void any refund or future league credit.

10.  Team Participation: For league teams having trouble with team attendance and participation are encouraged to contact RBSSC office.  Riverbend Sport & Social Club staff will make an effort to help place additional players but cannot make a guarantee of success.  Should a team forfeit three regular season matches will be allowed to finish regular season play but will not be allow to participate in league playoffs.  No refunds or future credits will be given to team who forfeit three or more matches and are not included in playoffs.  

11.  Modification of Terms:  Riverbend Sport & Social Club may revise these terms of use for its website at any time without notice. By using this website you are agreeing to be bound by the then current version of these Terms of Service and Payment Terms. 

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